Monday, 29 October 2012

Pray for Dave Arnold.

As most of you probably know Dave Arnold the executive producer of Adventures in Odyssey is undergoing open heart surgery soon or maybe he has already had it but I would like for you to pray for him and hopefully everything is going to/went well.  I am kindly asking you to pray for him as he gets ready/recovers.  His family is probably really worried right now because I know that I was worried when my dad had appendicitis(which means he had to get his appendix removed.)  So again I would like to ask you to pray for him and hopefully God gives enough strength to get going again and be able to be the executive producer for AIO.  I again would greatly appreciate it if you prayed.


Sorry I have not posted for so long everyone.  I have just gotten into doing online courses and I have just been so busy with school in all and I have not gotten around to posting on my blog.  It has now officially become a dead blog and I know that and some of you probably think I am very weird for that but we have also been away on vacation and I was spending time with family.  I am going to try to bring this blog alive again and get some of that weirdness out of me.  A lot of you that have blogs that are MUCH MUCH more lively than mine and I just feel so bad and I didn't even want to post on here because most of you would probably make fun of me for waiting so long.  I hope you still like me even though I am so lazy for this blog and I hope yo be posting MUCH more often.  My next post will most likely be on AIO unlike all of my other posts and again I am so so sorry this has become a dead blog.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Best Blogs!!!!

I know that this has become a dead blog and it probably will later on but I decided to do a post about awesome blogs.  If you have not visited The Unofficial AIO Blog you HAVE to check it out.  It is my brother's blog and it is a much better blog than mine.  It has many more episode reviews more interviews and much more posts and it has never become a dead blog like mine.  If you have not checked out Me4theKing you have to check it out.  If you have ever visited the Soda Shop Message Boards then you will probably know who made it.  The awesome created of that blog is HannahJ.  She is a much more creative person than me and has written much more posts.  If you have not checked out JustAnotherAIOBlog you have to check that one out too.  It is so so neat.  And there is also Twists and Turns which you have probably all have checked out it is probably the 2nd best out of all of these.  Out of all of these blogs that I have just listed The Unofficial AIO blog is probably the best Twists and Turns is the 2nd best Me4theKing is probably the 3rd best and JustAnotherAIOBlog is probably the 4th.  No offence to JustAnotherAIOBlog but all the other ones I like better.  I am not saying that your blog is bad at all it is just that I like the other blogs better.  Well the Soda Shop Message Boards is AWESOME and I am on there every single day and probably are all of you that know about it.  I hope you really enjoy this post.

P.S. You can pm me on Th Soda Shop to suggest any changes.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

New Albums

Which album is your favourite from 50-56?  My favourite is DEFINITELY album 55!!!!!!  I didn't really like the other ones.  I have not listened to album 56 but tell me what you like better including album 56 because I want to km-now if you think that album 56 is better than album 55.  I think that album 56 is going to be better but I want to know your opinion on what you think.  I didn't really like album 54.  Did you.  It was ok but I didn't really like it and I also didn't like album 51 or 52.  Album 53 was actually probably me second favourite and then album 52 and then album 51 or maybe it is the other way around I am not sure but anyway I would really like you to comment on this to tell me what you think of album 56 The Grand Design.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Adventures In Connelsville V.S. Jason and Mitch secret agents

Which do you like better?  I probably like Jason and Mitch secret agents.  It is so so so so so awesome. Don't you think.  I am so so excited for the next part to be out.  Are you?  If you have not read Jason and Mitch secret agents you HAVE to read it it is the BEST.  Adventures in Connelsville is really good too but I think I like Jason and Mitch better.

Thursday, 2 August 2012


Do you like Emily from AIO?  I don't.  She is annoying.  Do you think she is?  Matthew is AWESOME!!!!!!!  Do you think so.  Do you like the old families like the Barclays and the Washington's or the new families like the Jones and the Parkers?  I like them all but i like the old familys better.  I also wish that they would come back.  Do you?

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Campbell County

Did you like Campbell County the way it is or the way it was.  What I mean is by the way it was is it was changed by Bren and Jason.   I don't know if you noticed that or not but.  I like it the way it is.  I thought it looked horrible when they changed it.  At first I thought Jason was evil and was trying to take over the Campbell County but then my brother private messaged Bren asking him why he had let Jason take over the Campbell County.  So he private messaged back saying that he and Jason were doing it together and it made more sense.